Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers

Introduction on the use of Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers

Bioexcel EMR Shield – Anti Radiation Sticker is highly advance brackthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF Radiation by up to 99%. One of the key ingredients used in Bio Ceramics from Japan which is able to emit Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy. Do we realize that when we use our laptop or talk on mobile phone, how much EMF radiation we are exposed to? Radiation of mobile phone is mainly more harmfull on the head and can cause us headaches, dizziness, Insomnia and hair loss. This tin patch of Bioexcel Anti Radiation sticker can stick to your mobile phone and absorb most of the harmful radiations produced while sending/receiving signals on your mobile phone


Eliminates the Negative Effects of man-made frequencies and Electro-magnetic fields from Computers, Notebooks, televisions, Mobile phones or electronic cables around us. Scalar Energy frequencies neutralizes man-made frequencies into harmless frequencies so it does not affect your health.
It charges the cell energy level in our body to 70-90 mini volts. These are healty cells in our bodies
It reduces the heat created by radiation of our phone or notebook
It releives fatigue, tiredness and headaches caused by longer telephonic conversation.
How to use it?

It is very easy to use. You just peel off the sticker and apply it on the electronic device such as your mobile phone, Notebook, Television or other household electronics to reduce the effects of EMF Radiations

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